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cheers - sunshine rainbow

madman101 in green_tea_party

The Green Tea miracle never ceases.

Green tea, red wine stop Alzheimer's in its tracks

(NaturalNews) Chemicals naturally occurring in green tea and red wine can actually put a stop to the process that leads to brain damage in Alzheimer's disease, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Leeds and published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

"This is an important step in increasing our understanding of the cause and progression of Alzheimer's disease," lead researcher Nigel Hooper said.
...... http://www.naturalnews.com/039084_green_tea_red_wine_Alzheimers.html

If this interests you, then you might like to hit my own tags up... Although, it will be a little while before I do a new Alzheimers post with lots of new links. Note 1: Alzheimers and diabetes, CFS, autism - these all have similarities. Big similarity = gut bacteria gone bad. Note 2: Always check you green tea for radiation from Japan. The best green tea is non-radioactive. :o - I think the best green tea comes from Ceylon or India. Also... If you want resveratrol directly from wine, then red wine is the best, ESPECIALLY if it is organic. That's because resveratrol is a reaction to a fungus, which non-organic cultivators kill off with fungicides. But higher concentrations can be bought in supplement form, among which there may be great variability and unreliability. If you are interested in health, I have another community addressing cancer, but most natural preventive remedies there are applicable to health in general! - cancernaturally.


I think that it is not really green tea, or oats, or bran that makes us healthier, it is the alternative that we choose that causes all of the problems. If the alternative is butter, soda, chocolate, cake, ice cream, donuts, etc, then anything else should make us healthier. Wise choices is the best preventative medicine.