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madman101 in green_tea_party

innovations push on

New engine actually runs on 'liquid air' - (NaturalNews) Imagine that instead of having to pump fossil fuel-based gasoline into your boat or car, you could instead use "liquid air?" The London-based Dearman Engine Company (DEC) has reportedly developed a new engine technology that uses cryogenic air to power vehicle engines, and one of the best parts about it -- the technology produces no pollution. - http://www.naturalnews.com/034862_liquid_air_engine_power.html

Video: Amazing Device Pumps Well Water Using Compressed Air - (NaturalNews) Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is a fan of simple, innovative solutions for sustainable living. In a new video recorded in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, Adams demonstrates the Brumby Pump (www.BrumbyPumps.com), an amazing water pump that has no... Click to view...http://www.naturalnews.com/025635_water_Brumby_Pump_irrigation.html

Tires made from CELLULOSE: http://www.sciencecodex.com/tires_made_from_trees_better_cheaper_more_fuel_efficient

Forget the GMO CLONEBURGER! How about a meat substitute that's ACTUALLY ALL VEGGIE? - Scientist Cooks Up a Meatless Product for Meat Lovers - http://www.livescience.com/18558-scientist-cooks-meatless-product-meat-lovers.html

Seems like a fairly progressive foundation: http://www.skollfoundation.org/about/


I had thought that, with sufficient development, hydrogen was the optimal solution - perhaps one day, hopefully in the not too distant future.